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Equip now for 2019! Your premium motorcycle accessories Made in Germany!


KAWASAKI Ninja 125 (2018-)


30. January 2019 - KAWASAKI Ninja 125 (2018-)

Kawasaki has two new 125cc models for 2019. The Ninja and the Z 125 – A tough decision for the customer says Kawasaki. We just had the naked bike Z 125 in our development department and now we got the dynamic sporty sister.  For this model we made a C-bow holder for our C-bow side bags. Smaller luggage can be put on the Minirack, if you like it sporty then the Sportrack, which replaces the pillion seat, is the right choice. All your small belongings fit perfectly into our tankbags which fit on our tankring and the side stand enlargement ensures safe stand on uneven ground.

HONDA CRF 450 L from 2018

Redefined Dual-Purpose

21 January 2019 - HONDA CRF 450 L (2018-)

Honda´s new Enduro CRF 450 L with 25hp is now capturing the streets on and off-road. And also on the single cylinder you need to transport your luggage – no problem with our Minirack. For higher volume we have three sets of carrier incl. topcase in our product range. The small Journey TC 30 has 30L capacity, the Journey TC 40 has 40L. It is available in two versions, without cover or with silver cover on the topcase. We also have an engine guard for the CRF 450 L, usefull when going off and on road to protect your bike.

TRIUMPH Tiger 800 from 2018

Find the right Tiger…

16. January 2019 - TRIUMPH Tiger 800 (2018-)

The Tiger 800 XR- and XC-Models got an update in 2018. We made new Lock it side carrier and C-Bow holder for the 2018 and up Versions so you can equip the bike for the best travel experiences possibles. For best protection the tank guard and handle guard are now also available for this version. All other accessories of the XR, XRX, XRT / XC, XCX and XCA from model year 2015 and up fit also on the new 2018 Tigers.

KAWASAKI Z 125 from 2018

Naked 125ccm with 15 HP

15 January 2019 - KAWASAKI Z 125 (2018-)

KAWASAKI added to ist Z-Series a small bike for the A1 driving license class. We have various options for luggage to start into your adventure. As alternative to a backpack we have our C-bow system. The Lock it tankring is already deliverable. On the Minirack you can put small soft bags, alternatively or as addition we have the sportrack on which you can put the Royster Rear bag Lock it. If you do not want to put any carrier you can use the Royster rear bag with strap fixation on the pillion seat. Our engine guard protects your bike and with the side stand enlargement your bike stands safe on uneven ground.

Especailly for driving scholls we have a special front guard.

ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan from 2018

Built for the moutains…

10. January 2019 - ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2018-)

The new 2018 Himalayan from Royal Enfield  lives up to its name. Adjustable to all terrains the Himalayan is a real dual-sport motorcycle ready for adventures. To make the bike ready for the big trips we have a fixed side case carrier for our side cases and if you need more space you can use our Alu-/Easyrack to put a topcase on the bike. Thanks to our big range of side and top cases you can choose between different shapes, materials and colors, so you will find the right case.

KAWASAKI Z 900 RS / Cafe from 2018

Additional items for the Z 900 RS

07 January 2019 - KAWASAKI Z 900 RS / Cafe (2018-)

We increased the line up for the Kawasaki Z 900 RS with a stylish and useful railing / pillion handle bar, available in black and chrome.

BMW R 1250 GS LC

Real Bike travel experience – with the BMW 1250

16. November 2018 - BMW R 1250 GS LC (2018-)

For long distance travels as well as for short trips there is an ideal bike – BMW´s new R 1250 GS LC. The refined Boxer engine comes with the BMW ShiftCam technology  which ensures superior power delivery  in the high and low engine speed ranges and low consumtion values. But for the ideal touring bike you also need the ideal touring accessories! We have a big range of side carriers available: as Lock-it or permanent fixed version, Xplorer Cutout-Version and the C-bow holder for soft bags.
Also for rear bags and topcases we have a solution: Our Alu-/Easyracks, Miniracks and rear rack enlargements. In our line up for protection of your bike we have the following: engine and tank guard in different colors, handle guard, skid plate, cardan protection and heat shield (for side carrier). More useful accessories like Tankring, LED flooter, holder for BMW original additional lights, side stand enlargement, tool boxes and bracing bars you can find at us for this bike too.

BMW F 750 GS

Just before the end of the year we have some new things!

27 Oktober 2018 - BMW F 850 GS (2018-)

We already made some products for the F 850 GS at the end of the summer and now push in some new products: A C-bow holder and a rear rack enlargement for the original touring package as well as for the original rack. Also we have now an Alu-/Easyrack for the original rack, which we have too for the touring package already. Additionaly there is a Minirack for small luggage and a skid plate.

BMW F 750 GS

It´s your ticket to the adventure

26 Oktober 2018 - BMW F 750 GS (2018-)

BMW is promising with its new F 750 GS. The balanced Enduro all-rounder can now be equipped with our newly developed accessories. We have the carrier systems Xplorer Cutout Set, side carrier Lock-it and C-bow holder for our side cases as well as rear racks for our topcases (Alu-/Easyracks) and soft luggage (rear rack enlargement) in our line up. For protection of the bike we developed an engine guard, tank guard, handle guard and lamp guard. For safe stand on uneven ground we have a side stand enlarger. Smaller items can be put into one of our tanbags (for mounting on our Lock-it tankring). Tools for your bike you can store easily in the tool box for cutout or lock it side carrier (depends which system you have).

Especially for driving schools we have a front and a rear guard in our line up. In preparation are a Minirack, a skid plate and a center stand.

Honda CB 300 R

Sporty bike on the road

03. Sptember 2018 - Honda CB 300 R (2018-)

For the new Honda CB 300 R we have now also a Sportrack. It is mounted instead of the pillion seat into the same position with just a click. Suiting the Sportrack we have the rear bags in our line up. For small trips the Street Lock it rear bag is ideal and if you need something bigger you can use the Royster rearbag – also with Lock it system.

Yamaha TMAX from 2018

Scooter with motorcycle DNA!

15. August 2018 - YAMAHA TMAX (2018-)

Yamaha updated its TMAX scooter for 2018. We enhance the usability of the scooter with our accessories! A topcase can be mounted on our Alu-/Easyrack and on the Minirack you can put smaller soft luggage. The Royster rearbag can be used without racks and is mounted with straps on the pillion seat.

Honda CB 1000 R

The Big Brother – Raw and Retro

09. August 2018 - HONDA CB 1000 R (2018-)

The CB 300 R has a new big brother – the CB 1000 R. With an impressive and stunning new look Honda sent its new masterpiece out on the streets. This naked sports bike is ideal for large cities and the open road – just like its little sibling. But why use an annoying backpack on your trips? We have the right accessories to equip your powerful beast. You can choose between a C-bow holder for side bags, a sportrack for our rear bags and a tankring for our tankbags

Honda CB 300 R

Neo Sports Café – Dark Naked

07. August 2018 - HONDA CB 300 R (2018-)

Honda introduced with the new CB 300 R a distinctive and lean street bike with distilled performance.

It is perfect to take on the city backstreets as well as on the open road – nearly. Due to our new accessories the bike only gets ready for your trip. A gentle C-bow holder, a small Minirack and the practical Lock it tankring help you to stow your accessories. Our engine guard prevents the bike of major damage in case of an accident, the side stand enlarger ensures a safe stand.

The bike is ideal for driving schools, that´s why we also have a front guard for driving schools in our line up.

BMW G 310 GS

Adventures every day…

07. August 2018 - BMW G 310 GS (2018-)

… BMW is advertising its 2017 G 310 GS. We already developed a lot of accessories for the smallest bike of the GS family last year. Now we put some things on top with a new skid plate and a center stand. Both parts are available soon. Check out our shop and register to get the notification when this parts are on stock and to see all the other parts we have for your bike ;)  

BMW F 850 GS from 2018

You ride on, where others turn back.

28. June 2018 - BMW F 850 GS (2018-)

With the F 850 GS and some adventure flowing through your veins it is no problem. For the unique touring experience you just need the matching travel accessories.

With our Xplorer Cutout set you can go on your next trip. If you prefer the detachable version of the carrier, you can take the Lock-it side carrier and add the matching endure side case set (30 L right / 40 L left). On the Lock-it tankring you can put one of our tankbags for your small stuff. The Hepco&Becker topcases can be fixed on our Alu- or Easyrack for even more storage space. With the engine and /or tank guard, handle guard and lamp guard you can protect your bike. More accessories are in preparation.

DUCATI, Scrambler 1100

Suitable for everyday use with Racing style

06. June 2018 - DUCATI Scrambler 1100 (2018-)

The new Ducati Scrambler 1100 /Sport /Spezial – the new full throttle version – is now available. For everyday use there need to be some luggage solutions – and here we have them: A C-bow holder for soft bags or the Orbit side case. The rear rack tube type and rear rack enlargement for soft luggage and our Alu-/Easyrack for a topcase. Our engine guard protects your bike in case of an accident while the headlight grilles offers functional protection going off road. Also we have a side stand enlargement for the original side stand.

KTM 790 Duke

Power with precision

23. May 2018 - KTM 790 Duke (2018-)

KTM´s 790 Duke is delivered with the new LC8c engine and 105 hp. We deliver the right things for the small tour. On the one sided (left hand side) C-bow carrier you can put a Street side bag, Royster side bag or an Orbit side case. Your valuables are perfectly packed into one of our tankbags, which are fixed on the bike with our easy-to-handle Lock it tankring. The sportrack is fixed on the fixing points of the pillion seat and can be used for soft luggage transport. Our Minirack can be used for small luggage. If you prefer a tocpase we have an Alu-/Easyrack in our line up. To protect the bike we have an engine guard – which prevents damage on smaller crashes.

YAMAHA Tracer 900 from 2018

The Tracer 900 gets more versatile…

15. May 2018 - YAMAHA Tracer 900 (2018-)

The new sports tourer from Yamaha – the Tracer 900 Model Year 2018 – with its 18 liter fuel tank is now also ready for long trips with our accessories. We have a Lock it side carrier, C-bow carrier for smaller bags and an Alu-/Easyrack for top cases.
For small stuff our tankbags with the specific tankring are also available. If you prefer soft bags instead of top cases our rear rack enlargement offers you perfect fixing points. For protection of your bike in case of a fall we have an engine guard. The stylish two colored belly pan looks great and protects of small stone impacts. Our side side stand enlargement ensures safe stand on uneven ground.

Honda CRF 1000 L  Africa Twin

Full-Size Adventure Bike gets an update!

16. March 2018 - Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin (2018-)

The updated model of Honda´s CRF 1000 L  Africa Twin gets some updates for the 2018 version compared to the 2016 model. For the new version we have the Xplorer Cutout set (optional: tool box for cutout) and for “normal” cases a fixed side carrier. Smaller luggage you can put in our C-bow bags with the C-bow holder for the Africa Twin or you put a tankbag on our Lock it tankring.
Topcases you can mount on the Alu- or Easyrack, soft rear bags you can fix on the rear rack enlargement. Our center stand (optional: center stand guard) and the matching side stand enlargement care for a better stand. For offroad rides we have an engine- and a tank guard (optional: bags for tank guard, reinforcement bracket for tank guard), handle guard and a lamp guard (optional: adapter for lamp guard) in our assortment

Yamaha MT-07

Facelift for the „Dark Side of Japan“

09. April 2018 - Yamaha MT-07 (2018-)

The MT-07 gets a small facelift from Yamaha, improved riding position, sharper air intakes and more.
Also we update our product range for the 2018 model of the MT-07 and offer a C-bow holder, side case carrier, Alu-/Easyrack, Sportrack and a Lock it tankring for luggage transport.  Additionaly we have a speedometer riser kit, pillion rider footrest lowering kit, side stand englargement and center stand as accessories. For protection we offer an engine guard with protection pad and – especially for driving schools – a front and a rear guard

Ducati Monster 821

Simple and sporty, agile and powerful

26. March 2018 - Ducati Monster 821 (2018-)

Ducati´s new Monster 821 combines perfect performance and ease of riding. But for daily use it is missing the accessories – which we can deliver! A discreet C-bow soft bag holder for various side bags so you can store your belongings for the weekend trip. The Lock it tankring allows you to put our tankbags and on the minirack you can fix some rear bags. The side stand enlargement assures save stand on all grounds.

Honda CB 125 R

The early-entry motorcycle

26. March 2018 - Honda CB 125 R (2018-)

Honda´s new and unique Modell in the “Neo Sports Café” style – the CB 125 R – is an ideal machine for new riders. We developed a C-bow carrier for carrying soft side bags on your tours and for daily rides the Lock it tankring for tankbags. If you prefer your luggage behind you we have a Minirack or a Sportrack for putting your bags. Your bike will be protected with our engine guard and stands saver on uneven ground with our side stand enlargement. For driving schools we offer also a front guard.

Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports from 2018

Built to take on the world

23. March 2018 - Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2018-)

Long-distance touring and off-road excursions are definitely no problem for Honda´s Africa Twin Adventure Sports.
And we take care of the bike protection and luggage storage.  With the Xplorer Cutout Set and the matching tool box you are perfectly equipped. For top cases we have an Alu-/Easyrack and as an alternative to the Xplorer Cutout set we have a fixed side carrier for all our side cases. If you prefer soft luggage we have a rear rack enlargement for duffel bags, a C-bow carrier for our soft side bags and a tankring for our tankbags. For secure stand on uneven ground we have a side stand enlargement and the center stand helps you for the service. As protection for off-road use we offer an engine guard, lamp guard, handle guard, protection plate for the center stand and a bracing bar for the original tank guard. Additionally we have our tank bag set for the bike if you still need more space for luggage.

Ducati Desert Sled

New accessories for the „Desert Sled“ and the other Scramber 800 models

22. March 2018 - DUCATI Scrambler Desert Sled (2017-)

Ducati´s Desert Sled gets its own engine guard from us and in addition a chain guard. The cooler protection bars fit all Scrambler 800 models as well as our pipe rear rack, on which you can put our Legacy leather rearbag. More products for the Scrambler 800 you can find in our webshop

INDIAN Scout Bobber

Indian Motorcycle is back in the spotlight…

12. March 2018 - INDIAN Scout Bobber (2017-)

… with premium accessories from Hepco&Becker – suitable for the models Scout & Sixty from 2015 onwards and brand new: the Scout Bobber from 2017 onwards.
For the Scout Bobber we have a Rugged Cutout saddle bag holder, a Solorack with or without backrest, a tankring and an engine guard (black or chrome).

Interested in accessories for the Scout or Sixty? – click here for more information

Kawasaki Z900 RS / Café

More space for your valuables

01. March 2018 - Kawasaki Z 900 RS / Café (2018-)

We made some more parts for Kawasaki´s Z 900 RS / Café, so you can go also on a bigger trip. In our product range for this Modern Classic bike we have now also a Lock-it side carrier for our side cases, an Alu-/ Easyrack for our topcases and a Minirack for some smaller luggage.

KAWASAKI Ninja 400

Fun and easy to ride

26. Februar 2018 - KAWASAKI Ninja 400 (2018-)

Kawasaki´s new 399 ccm bike – the Ninja 400 – “delivers greater performance than its predecessor”, as per Kawasaki.
For the short weekend trip we have a C-bow holder, Sportrack and a tankring. Secure stand on unpaved ground is easier with our side stand enlargement.

Kawasaki Z900 RS / Café

There´s no place for fake in the lifestyle you choose

22. Februar 2018 - KAWASAKI Z 900 RS / Cafe (2018-)

Kawasaki describes it´s new Z900 RS / Café. For putting luggage on this Modern Classic bike we made a C-Bow holder, a pipe rear rack and a Lock-it tankring. The engine guard will protect your bike and the side stand enlargement assures save stand on all grounds. More parts like Lock-it side carrier, Alu-, Easy-, and Minirack will follow soon.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Minimalistic Hotrod

15. Februar 2018 - TRIUMPH Bonneville Bobber (2017-)

Triumph created with the Bonneville Bobber a legendary motorcycle with unrivalled heritage. Our C-bow holder and the pipe rear rack simplify the transportation of luggage. For protection and as stylish highlight we have an engine guard in chrome. A lamp guard is in development.

Triumph Street Scrambler

Ready for every road

13. Februar 2018 - TRIUMPH Street Scrambler (2017-)

Is the slogan Triumph advertises their Street Scrambler. We created a one-sided C-bow holder (left side), a pipe rear rack for our Top cases and a Solo rack suitable for our leather bags. The engine guard and the lamp guard complete the Scrambler look of the bike. An additional skid plate is in preparation.

TRIUMPH Street Triple 765

An addictive everyday ride or a full-on track weapon…

30. Januar 2018 - TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 (2017-)

according to Triumph this is no problem with the new Street Triple 765. For the dynamic bike we have a C-Bow holder, sportrack and a tankring for the everyday ride. To prevent damage on your bike we have the protection pads in our line up.

Yamaha Royster Rearbag Tankbag

Refined. Redesigned. Remarkable.

22. Januar 2018 - YAMAHA YZF-R6 (2017-)

This is how Yamaha describes its “legend on the street – and with 5 Supersport World titles in recent years it´s also a proven winner on the race track.” But riders who do not exclusively look for high speed on race tracks need to store their personal belongings for everyday use. With the matching tanking for the R6 you can put one of our tankbags for the small things. Also we developed a sportrack on which you can put our rearbags Street or Royster or any other soft bags.

Royster Rearbag Daypack

The new lightweight king of the streets…

19. Januar 2018 - SUZUKI GSX-S 125 (2017-)

made to handle city traffic jams or fun rides into the countryside. This is how Suzuki describes its new GSX-S 125. To take all your stuff for school, work and weekend trips we developed Lock it tankring and a sportrack. You can protect your bike with our engine guard and for driving schools we have developed a front guard and a rear guard

Kawasaki Versys-X300

„Any road, any time“

01. December 2017 - KAWASAKI Versys-X 300 (2017-)

This is the concept of Kawasaki for their abersys models. Even the small Versys-X 300 is built for long distance riding, but where to put your luggage on your rides? That is why we developed a C-bow soft bag holder, Alu/Easyrack and a tankring. Also we have an engine guard and a sude stand enlargement. The matching center stand will be coming soon.


„The firestarter“ and the „one for all“

23. November 2017 - KTM 125 / 390 Duke (2017-)

According to KTM „The 125 DUKE is not a toy. It’s a genuine motorcycle, ...“. We have the same opinion and that is why we developed some parts for the 1 cylinder 4 stroke engine. Also the „One for All“ bike, the 390 Duke - „It combines maximum riding pleasure with optimum user value...“ according to KTM - got some new parts. We have now a C-Bow soft bag holder, Sportrack, Tankring, Alu-/Easyrack, Minirack, engine guard and side stand enlargement for both models.

BMW G 310 GS

Every day is an Adventure!

16. November 2017 - BMW G 310 GS (2017-)

“This bike is unmistakably a GS – robust and diverse. With its classic adventure design, the G 310 GS embodies the GS Spirit.” This is how BMW describes their new G 310 GS.

To conquer the daily adventures more easily, we designed a C-Bow holder, an Alu-/ Easyrack and a Lock it Tankring.

We also offer an engine guard and a tank guard for protection.

XCEED – Exceeding limits!

07 November 2017

The HEPCO&BECKER XCEED sets a new benchmark in the aluminum case sector. The distinctive look paired with the experience of over 40 years of motorcycle case production is the basis of this new unique case.
Due to the combination of high-quality aluminum with anodised surface and highly impact-resistant plastic, we could create an elegant, timeless case, which is light and handy. With great attention to detail the design shows up-to-date shapes and lines.
This is what makes it special compared to other aluminum cases.
No matter which motorcycle - you can‘t go wrong with this case. 
More info in our shop.

EICMA 2017 Hall 13, U57

We don't sleep. We make it work.

07. November 2017

Finally it is starting again: We are excited to present our new products during this year's EICMA. Visit our stand to learn more about our soft luggage, leather bags, or our new aluminum case XCEED. With our XCEED case we set new standards in the aluminum case market. Attention for detail as well as up-to-date shapes and clean lines characterize this model. A wide variety of optional accessories are available. In addition to this, we have our newly developed Royster Rearbag for the pillion seat or our Sportrack with its matching Daypack for the tank waiting for you. The stylish design of this series turns your bike into an eye catcher on the road. Looking for something more retro? The LEGACY product line will not disappoint you. We invite you to see for yourselves at EICMA in hall 13, stand U57. We look forward to seeing you!

DUCATI Multistrada 950

Who needs an 1200cc engine if 950cc are more then enough

24. October 2017 - DUCATI Multistrada 950 (2017-)

We developed already some accessories for Ducati´s new Multistrada 950 at the beginning of this year. Now we are making our second move and expand our product range for a firmly bolted side carrier, handle guard, skid plate and center stand. Already on stock are the C-bow holder, Lock-it Tankring, Alu- and Easyrack, tank guard in black and stainless steel and the side stand enlargement. You will find an overview of our products in our online shop

DUCATI’s new Monster 797

Versatility for daily use

02. Oktober 2017 - DUCATI Monster 797 (2017-)

DUCATI’s new Monster 797 makes a lot of fun - even at daily use. We have developed our C-Bow holder and a Lock it Tankring for these trips. Also we have a side stand enlargement in our assortment, which offers a better stand on uneven ground.

BMW R 1200 GS from 2004-2012

Still on the road!

11. September 2017 - BMW R 1200 GS from (2004-2012)

BMW’s old R 1200 GS (from 2004-2012) is still an excellent off-road bike. As this model is still on the streets, we have developed a Xplorer Cutout Set and add it to our product line. The set consists of a stainless steel side carrier, a cutout 37 liter and a 40 liter case. The cases are available in silver or black. An overview of the complete product assortment for this jewel, can be found in our onlineshop.


No fear of big city jungles or offroad

08. August 2017 - YAMAHA SCR 950 (2017-)

YAMAHA launched their SCR950, which is inspired by the legendary scrambler bikes of the 60s. In order to master the big city jungle without a backpack on your back, we've developed the Rugged Cutout bag holder and a rear rack. With the headlight grilles and the engine guard you do not need to be afraid of riding offroad too. As a useful addition we have also a cylinder head fender and an airbox filter fender in our range.

DUCATI Monster1200S

2017: Better. Faster. Monster.

31. July 2017 - DUCATI Monster 1200 S (2017-)

With their new Monster model, DUCATI is launching a new sporty naked bike this year, inspired by design principles from 1993. When developing such a bike it's always "emotions without an end", says DUCATI. We have also brought these "emotions" in the development of our accessories ... as with every new model we get into our fingers. The following model specific accessories have been developed: A C-Bow holder and a Minirack for smaller luggage, as well as a Lock it Tankring for daily driving with tank bags. As a further gimmick we have a side stand enlargement in our range for the better stand.

KTM 1190Adventure

Only the best for those, who want to travel fast and far

28. July 2017 - KTM 1090 Adventure / R (2017-)

KTM launched in 2017 new versions of their 1090 models. The Adventure and the Adventure R have seen our developement garage and have been given new equipment that frees thoughts of long-distance trips.
Two Lock it side carrier versions (symmetric; asymmetric), Xplorer Cutout set, Alu-/Easyrack for the original rack, rear rack enlargement and tankring. Engine and tank guard, handle guard and headlight grilles as a skid plate and a side stand enlargement. All articles for both models are now available!


On the road again...

18. July 2017 - INDIAN Scout (2015-)

The new Scout - the legend - how INDIAN MOTORCYCLE wrote, is back on the roads again.
The stylish cruiser is getting a C-Bow holder for our leather bags, as well as a Solorack on which f. ex. our Handbag Liberty fits perfectly. For an even better aesthetics provides our railing and the protection guard protects the bike in case of a fall. All carriers and protection brackets are available in black and chrome and are suitable for the Scout and Sixty models from 2015.

DUCATI Scrambler Desert Sled

Straight out of the deserts and mountains of California…

05. July 2017 - DUCATI Scrambler Desert Sled (2017-)

the new DUCATI Scrambler Desert Sled - an enduro version inspired by the offroad bikes of the 60/70s from the USA… . The „desert sled“ is getting a stylish black tube rear rack, which perfectly fits the design.

BMW R nineT Urban G/S

Two cylinder boxer engine - Technology for pure driving pleasure

19. June 2017 - BMW R nineT Urban G/S (2017-)

The look of the new BMW R nineT Urban G/S reminds on past times, but the technology ist absolutely modern. For a trip on the road or offroad - we will store your needed things safe! For example in a tankbag, which fits on our Lock it Tankring, developed especially for the Urban.
For the transport of luggage on the side we have the C-Bow holder, for Topcases the Alu-/ Easyrack, for rear bags a Minirack or a Rear Rack tube type. For protection there is a Skid Plate, Engine Guard and also Headlight Grilles. For the safer stand there is a Side Stand Enlargement. Last but not least, for the optical glorification: a black Railing.

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Made for Adventure

14. June 2017 - HONDA X-ADV (2017-)

HONDA and their new X-ADV - Adventure design with allround performance, functionality and comfort - for the way to work or for a weekend trip. Then, of course, you will need something to transport your luggage. For that, we offer a Minirack, which is perfect for rear bags, as also a Alu- and Easyrack for topcases. The Engine Guard prevents bad fall damage and the Handle Guard provides further protection when falling.

Legacy RearBag Leather

The Legacy Briefcase get's company!

12. June 2017

The leather rear bag matches the retro series. It comes in brown and black, made of 3 mm thick horse leather and has a sturdy and shaped inner lining.
With two circulating fastening straps the bag has the ideal fit for tube rear racks, for example, for the new BMW R nineT models. Thus it can be easily and securely mounted.
The universal and useful rear bag can also be mounted on sissybars and soloracks.

KAWASAKI Z1000SX, 2017

With „Power to move you“

07. June 2017 - KAWASAKI Z 1000 SX (2017-)

KAWASAKI presents in 2017 their new Z1000SX. A motorcycle which will make our tourer heart as happy as our sporty soul... .
You will need, of course, a carrier system and luggage to start a trip.
And that's how we come into play! The bike get's the fast fitting Lock it Tankring, a C-Bow holder, Alu- and Easyrack and a sportrack. Of course we have a lot of bags, cases, topcases and tankbags in different shapes, colours and sizes for our carriers.
Also, we have a perfect suitable side stand enlargement in our range for a better stand.

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29 Mai 2017

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